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Buying a home for the first time
It can be invigorating when you finally start the search for your first home. But this can hit a standstill when you start asking the important questions, especially ones related to your finances. These include how much you can borrow and how often your repayments need to be.

That’s where we step in. We’ll help you by sending the details of your situation to various lenders and collect vital information from them so that you can compare home loans from a range of available products by Cambodia’s leading lenders and lending institutions. Basically, all you need to worry about is looking for your dream home, and we’ll liaise with the lenders to help you find a loan that’s perfect for you.

Guide For First Time Home Buyers

Depending on how much you earn and your ability to finance your dream home through a loan, borrowing limits can vary per person. Before applying for a loan though, you can use one of our tools to check how much you need to prepare first. Or we can also connect you to our network of lenders who are more than willing to personalize a loan package for you.

Visit our loan classifications guide to get more information on what types of loans are available in Cambodia. There are literally hundreds to choose from. If that doesn’t cover your concerns, we’re more than happy to help you get in touch with the right lenders to give you a detailed explanation.

In Cambodia, you normally have to pay a 10% deposit after you’ve done your due diligence. Get a hold of us now and we’ll make sure to connect you with someone who can discuss the process and prices, along with your borrowing options!

Variations in loan terms and rates affect how much repayments you make. Reach out to us today and we’ll quickly connect you to a range of partner lenders offering customized repayment packages, depending on your needs.

Lenders can be flexible regarding the frequency of repayment. But it’s advisable to take a loan that allows for a fortnightly or weekly payment because this reduces the time you have to pay back the loan and the amount you have to pay back.

Unfortunately, Cambodia currently does not offer any special grants or loans for first home buyers. However, there is a wide range of loans available that our partner lenders can customize for your personal needs. Just drop us a message and we’ll connect you to the best lenders in the country.

There are a number of fees involved when buying a property. To avoid any surprises, the list below sets out all of the usual costs:

  • Transfer Tax — Levied at 4% on the property’s assessed value. This is usually based on factors such as the land dimension, the land location, and the purpose of use.
  • Legal fees — Legal fees are usually at 0.20% to 0.50% of the total sales price. These usually include legal advice, property checks, and legal processing.
  • Property Tax — This tax is applicable for immovable properties which are priced $25,000 and above. It is collected yearly at 0.1% of the property.
  • Title Verification — Checking for potential liens or encumbrances under a title will cost you around $12.50, according to Prakas 995 which is dated December 28th, 2012.
  • Loan Processing Fee — Lenders will charge appropriate fees to cover the charges incurred for valuation and processing of the loan.
  • Application For Registration — Done at the District Land Office of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning & Construction, you must pay a cadastral transfer fee of KHR 600,000 in order to insert the name of the new owner on the legal documents.
  • Property Insurance — Although not required, getting additional insurance for the property will help you safeguard your investment towards the property just in case calamity strikes or something suddenly goes wrong.
  • Ongoing costs — This includes maintenance fees, repair costs, and bills such as internet, electricity, and water. Also prepare for any future renovations you may want if you’re going to purchase the property.
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