Loan documents Checklist

Document Checklist
Majority of lenders in Cambodia will ask for the same documents before approving a loan. Prepare the documents enumerated in this list to prevent any delays in the loan application process.

This checklist includes general requirements. So, other documents on the list may not be applicable for you. Once we connect you to our network of loan experts, they can verify which of these documents you may need.

Identification Documents
  • Marriage certificate, residential book, family book, or a birth certificate.
  • Passport or a National Identification Card.

Evidence Of Income

For those earning salary:
  • Appointment letter, employment confirmation, or employment contract.
  • Most recent payslips from 6 months ago to current date or bank statements.
For business owners:
  • Valid business registration
  • Proof of existing business that’s more than 3 years old
  • Banking statement or passbook
  • Profit and Loss statements from the past 2 years
  • Banking statement or passbook
  • Sales invoice or purchase invoice.
Loan Purpose Proof
  • The property’s sales & purchase agreement (Property Purchase)
  • Proof of repayment or installment and the current facility agreement(Refinancing)
  • Construction permission or plan (Construction)
  • A copy of the property ownership document.
Other Documents You May Need
  • A valid property valuation report
  • Original Letter of Offer and Lending Agreement signed
  • Execution on charged of Security Property (for hard titles only)
  • Personal Accident Policy purchase
  • Fire Insurance Policy purchase.
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