Home Loan Refinancing

Home Loan Refinancing

Changes are inevitable in a person’s life. And those changes sometimes take a toll on your wallet. A pipe may have burst and needs repair, an urgent matter may have forced you to travel out of town, or maybe you’re expecting a beautiful baby soon. These will definitely require you to shell out a significant amount of money that’s way beyond your budget.

These changes may be a signal for you to update your home finances. And this may be a stressful task for some because of all the paperworks you have to go through again, the recomputation of monthly payments and interest rates too. But the a good refinanced loan could lessen the time you need to pay your mortgage.

It can also help in adding value to your home and erasing any form of unhealthy debt you may have.

How do you begin the process? We can get someone to guide you through that.

Common refinancing questions

There are numerous lenders in Cambodia who are able to offer flexible refinancing terms. We can serve as a bridge between you and our partners so that they can explain your options, depending on your current interest rate, loan type, and desired loan features.

Yes, they can. And what that does is allow you to pay lower mortgage interest compared to other forms of debt like credit cards and personal loans. However, maintaining your repayments is vital should you wish to avoid shelling out more cash for a longer duration. Contact us today and let us know what you need. We’ll make sure to point you to the right direction and connect you with the right people.

Depending on your financial status and capabilities, different lenders will be able to provide you with different loan packages. Use any of our tools to get an idea of what different loan types will work best for you. Once you’re satisfied, get in touch with us so we can quickly connect you to our partners who can help with calculating the costs and offering great loan terms.

We have a wide range of people in our network who offer various loans. You can contact us and we’ll get you in touch with various lenders with loan packages customized for your needs. You can then use our tools to narrow down which ones will work for you.

Repayments made weekly or fortnightly will allow you to make more payments in a year. This will reduce the amount and time you have to pay for your loan. Most lenders will be able to offer repayment terms that line up to your desired pay cycle.

One of the first things you need to pay off is a penalty fee, if applicable to your current mortgage. But repayment savings may be offset if you’re looking to refinance and switch to another mortgage. We’ll be able to connect you to a lender who can walk you through your options when you switch.

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